BattleScores is new, exciting and revolutionary. We have proprietary technology to dramatically change every gamers lifestyle. In today’s world everyone wants to win. in fact many youth athletic programs give EVERYONE a prize. Why not take the same mentality and apply it to video games?

“Playing video games is fun. BUT – games typically last a few minutes. There is one winner and everyone else is a loser. Once the next game starts no one remembers who won – or lost except the people playing.”

Our magic math can make everyone a winner in any game genre or title. From complex multiplayer role playing games to solitaire. Our model has been proven: In our first alpha test we acquired more than 500,000 registered users in < 4 weeks. A year later we tested the market again and registered 500,000 users in < 9 weeks on a different game title.

“Many games only reward the gamer who plays the most time. Ranks and Ladders don’t really provide any measurement of a gamers skill.”

Gamers want to be recognized. They want their peers (and the world) to know their accomplishments. BattleScores knows who to improve the user experience before, during and after the game session.

Not everyone can travel to the few live video game tournaments. Not every game can compete against the best. But BattleScores allows video gamers to play on any device anywhere in the world.Our complex math identifies thousands of variables creating a true handicap ranking system. A gamers “BattleScore’ is a true representation of how one gamer compares to every other gamer. You can play 10 minutes or 100 hours and still be a winner.

BattleScores is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to video game experience. While video game producers spend billions making games more realistic from a visual perspective, BattleScores focus is building the social value of the gamers experience.

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