BattleScores is about making every video gamer a hero and champion. We can work with any genre and game title and create new value by identifying with the social nature of the gamer. Gamers want to be recognized for the success and BattleScores has the secret sauce to make their dreams a reality.

Our founder is a retired pinball wizard (he owns one of the first computerized Dungeon and Dragons pinball machines). He’s been an avid video game player since the first Pong game. As games advanced technically, it was easy to see the industry was only focused on selling the newest title. You’re find him listed in the top 150 playing the latest COD title.

As a serial entrepreneur, his thoughts started building the solution. He personally financed the first two alpha test- both attracting more than 500,000 registered members.

Once gamer adoption was evident, the next challenge is to find the right partner. A partner that truly believes in creating value for the gamer, not making billions of dollars for themselves. We are not opposed to making money but we are focused on making money by improving the gamer experience.

With the right partner, BattleScores is the magical component that allows anyone, playing anywhere, anytime, any game on any device to compete. Tournaments and events attract top name sponsors. Heroes and Champions are crowned. Gamers can share their accomplishments through social media. Any maybe someday, we will have our own television network.

If you are the right partner, click on our contact page. We’re ready when you are.


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